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We know all the limits and advantages of the production process and thanks to this, we are able to suggest you the better solution for your project


Production process of components with very precise shapes like jars, lids and shives. Plastic granules are melted and injected with high pressure into the mould that is made up of different mobile parts. Plastic is then pushed towards the hole and it adapts to the shape. Once cooled the article created is extracted.

Injection Ironing-Blowing

Complex and delicate production process: plastic is liquefied and then injected into the mould to create a preform. This will then be heated and inflated with high-pressure air and at the same time ironed until it adheres perfectly to the mould.


Extremely versatile process, from which it is possible to obtain the most various shapes, dimensions and neck types. Plastic is melted in a tube-shape that is then cut in order to enter into the mould, where it is inflated with compressed air that pushes it towards the internal walls, making it perfectly adheres and creating a new article.

Production finishes

The aesthetic of your packaging starts in this phase of production, giving to your article a unique personality.

Super Glossy Effect

It gives an extra glossy and brilliant finish to the product, giving a sense of high deluxe quality.

Finish matte

Frosted Effect

Frosted surface without reflex that visually translates the concept of seriousness and distinctive elegance.

Translucid finish

Translucent Color

Translucent finish with a touch of colour, gives the classic effect of coloured glass. The colour concentration can vary from faint to intense, multiplying the tonal possibilities of the final result.

inserto personalizzato

Custom-designed Insert

To distinguish the product a graphic is realised in relief or hollowed, a detail that makes the difference making the standard unique and exclusive. Even the flowers of lids or seals can be personalised in shape and dimension.

Supermetallic Colors

Sparkling pigments that gives personality and a glamour effect to your new project.

Finish pearly pigments

Pearly Pigments

Available in a vast range of colour, they have a peculiar shininess that gives the classic “pearl effect”, lending high brightness.


Stripe Vises

A continue lines from the neck to the base to signal the level of filling and the consumption of the product inside. The line can have a natural or coloured effect of choice, becoming a distinctive trait.

soft touch finish

Soft Touch Effect

Soft touch or rubbed effect, it is characterised by a soft, velvety and natural touch like the softest leather. The frosted antiglare finish gives to the support a unique, deep and elegant touch.

Finitura IML

IML – In Mould Label

A plastic label is inserted in the mould and then is totally incorporated into the object. Valid alternative to the standard decoration it allows to realise any type of three-dimensional artwork and of multiple colours.

3 range of production

From the small start-up to the mass GDO production.

Start with us

For productions runs of 150 pieces or more: for small amounts or start-up, choose among our products in stock. Restricted delivery time.


For standard productions runs of 5000 to 10000 pieces, choose from our catalogue. Maximum customization, rapid delivery.

Mass Market

For production runs over half a million pieces, 24/7. Stock planning order. External controlled storage.

All our productive lines are automated and of great tonnage. We use latest generation technologies with low environmental impact (4.0 industry). All our production lines are connected to the storage packers to avoid human contamination. All machineries are electric to avoid the risk of oil contamination.


M2 Productive Area


Production Machineries


Vertical Warehouse



1. Pick up the model and the capacity

We have a vast catalogue of exclusive lines for every circumstance.

2. Pick up a lid

The lid accentuates, emphatizes or softens the packaging shape, do not underestimate it!

3. Pick up the colours

Infinite possibilities of shades, opaque or semi-transparent colours, glossy or frosted.

4. Apply your decoration

Make your product unique with a beautiful artwork, give power to your brand.