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An excellent quality decoration can define the success of a product: that is why we apply careful controls on colour and printing accuracy, the key elements to ensure integrity and power to your brand

Silk screen printing

Provides for the transfer of ink that passes through a frame and is deposited on the plastic. A procedure for graphics with one or more colours that ensures particularly bright, vivid and always covering shades with the possibility to print also on conical-shaped articles.

Tampo pad printing

A high quality engraved pad is used to transfer writings, logos or images. It is used for prints of extreme sharpness and precision. In some cases, it is the only possibility to print or personalise a complex or non-flat shape thanks to the adaptability of the pads’ geometry.

Hot foil printing

Provides for the transfer of a metallic film on the surface to decorate through heat action. Printing can be gold, silver or other colouring, and gives brightness and high sealing metallic effects. It enhances the refinement and luxury of the most precious packaging.

Decoration finishes

Finishes effect complete the decoration and can be added to those in phase of production and/or to the colour of the content.
Finitura hi gloss

Hi-Gloss Ink

Quality standard, it is very bright and matte even on darkest supports. It ensures brightness and shine to every detail of the is the perfect finish to create light effects on objects with a matte surface.

Finitura inchiostro opaco

Opaque Ink

Special ink with a matte, uniform and covering finish. It results soft to the touch and gives a sense of softness. The use of these inks is the perfect way to make the print special, unusual and innovative.

Finitura metalizzata

Metallic Effect

Not only gold, silver, bronze. Metallic inks have nowadays no colouring limits. They ensure a significant improvement in shininess, can be used on every type of support and are used both on silk screen and tamp pad printing.

finitura con perlescenza

Pearly Effect

Inks with a particular shininess if exposed to light, they can give a pearl effect to texts. They lend high gloss and are available in a vast range of colour.


This particular effect is obtained in the silk screen flat printing with a thick and transparent varnish. It is useful for the creation of 3D graphic effects, to emphasise parts of the print and to obtain a touch-reading graphic.

Finitura di retinatura

Meshed Effect

Printing method that acts on saturation percentage. The result is a graphic with a colour that seems realised with various colours of the same shade. Interesting method to reduce decoration’s costs without impoverishing the graphic.

Dip Print

Ideal solution to ennoble the product, it allows to obtain infinite decorative textures. It is realised with special inks applied to water-soluble film. The environmental impact of this technology is minimal, because the processes do not produce chemical residues to be disposed of and mains water provides for reuse for various sessions.

soft touch finish

Soft Touch

The surfaces treated with this varnish are characterised by a soft, velvety and natural touch like the softest leather. The anti-glare matt finish gives to the support a unique, deep and elegant touch. The product is transparent, therefore it can be applied to a wide variety of colours without altering the rendering.


This particular effect is obtained in silk screen flat printing with a thick, clear varnish. It is useful for the creation of 3D graphic effects, to give relief to parts of the print and to obtain graphics that are readable to the touch.

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Hot Foil 00%

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