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Since 1965 we produce plastic packaging with quality and design Made in Italy, always in Bologna.


The success of your projects depends on the everyday choices we make by choosing the best suppliers and investing in innovative researches and materials. We have a team of technical experts in packaging (average experience in the industry of 13 years) that guarantee the quality of the product we supply and a quality manual always up to date.
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Made in Italy

Family business since 1965, international perspective with family spirit. Our way of being and thinking your unique and unrepeatable product by combining high quality raw materials with excellent design.

Quality control

Quality Manual

It involves internal control procedures on the product in 3 phases:

Entry: certifications and adequacy raw materials

Semi-finished: during production on the machine yield of material

Final product: conformity and operation on finished article per batch

Our productive cycle complies the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Declaration. Furthermore, we run migration tests and certifications on the final product through qualified external Italian laboratories.
Our productive lines are all automated and of great tonnage, with last generation technologies (4.0 industry).

Suppliers and logistic

98% of our suppliers is Italian, the remaining 2% is French and German: this geographical proximity guarantees us to always have under control the safety of the supply chain.

Our packaging systems are tested and optimized to reduce logistic and storage costs.

Zero waste guaranteed: the quantities we deliver you are real and 100% usable thanks to high internal control standards.

Plastic materials of first certified choice

The plastic materials we use are of first certified choice, in accordance with the strictest regulations applicable worldwide. In general terms our products are:

suitable for food contact according to current EU and international regulations

latex-free and CFC-free

in compliance with EU and international directives on restrictions on the presence of heavy metals and phthalates

biologically inert and non-cytotoxic

Ecovadis Silver Score Certification

EcoVadis is the only universal Sustainability Ratings Provider, the first collaborative platform that enables companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 industries and 110 countries.
EcoVadis CSR experts analyse data and other evidence of our CSR policies based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and the Global Compact Principles.
As CSR standards and international regulations are constantly evolving, it is essential that companies demonstrate continuous improvement by conducting evaluations on a regular basis.

External consultancy and service organisations