They protect your formula: the seal is a fundamental complement that protects your product and in some cases gives a tamper-proof guarantee.

Sigilli e guarnizioni

Polyester seal printed by injection. It is placed on the jar’s opening and to remove it there is the practical tab. The lid maintains it pressed by screwing onto the upper thickness of the neck of the jar and guaranteeing the hold of your product and creating a little space between the jar and the lid, due to the perfect lush between the two elements.

EPE Joint

A white polespan joint on both sides that has to be inserted in the lid as an alternative to the shive to protect the product.

Induction plates VS heat sealing

The induction seal is hermetic and bears a considerable pressure so it can be used to avoid loss of product during transport and stocking, in addition to tamper-proof guarantee for the final consumer. The induction technology uses a specific machinery placed at the end of the filling line and through a controlled electromagnetic field it transfers energy to the aluminium layer of the lid. By creating heat, the joint welds to the upper part of the neck and closes it hermetically. Available on our catalogue, there are induction sealing of various diameters to be used on multiple jars, both in PET, in PP and in PEHD.


Heat sealing is a sealing method that is made post filing and before the lid screwing. A heat plate lowers on a transparent or aluminium film and, in proximity of the superior thickness of the jar’s neck, the film melts down an welds to the container closing it hermetically. Later the lid is screwed. This phase of production is in charge of the filler.

Other protection

In our seals catalogue are available even non-sealing plates that have the purpose of protecting the product:

  • PET joint combinable with flip-top lids perfect to immediately show your product to the costumer.
  • Safegard Joint, attachable to the upper thickness of the neck through the pressure that the EPE joint and the lid make with the screwing. It is not a hermetic seal but only an extra protection.