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Acacia: transparent drop

      Acacia: transparent drop

Acacia: transparent drop

The new bottles line in transparent PET Acacia is the first line we produce, which we are really excited about!

Water drops, life source and symbol of purity, values and inspirations the packaging passes down to the formula inside it, inspire its soft and light shape.

We can realise this bottle with semi-transparent or frosted colours, starting form little quantities. In addition, we have the product available with both neck 24/410 and the 28/410, to guarantee maximum elasticity in the completion of the bottle with various types of caps, dispensers or sprays.

Indeed, this new line was born starting from two preforms with standard necks possible to combine with the majority of caps. The bottle is realised in PET, so it is lighter and eco-sustainable. It is perfect for spray air freshener or liquid hands soap. Moreover, it can be the perfect suit for a shampoo or an air conditioner.

As any product realised in MAV is user-adjustable with artworks in front and back faces with tampo pad printing technique.

Currently this line is made of two sizes: mL 100 and mL 250