Renewable plastics derived from sugar cane
Renewable plastics derive from sugar cane, not oil, so your pack helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere thanks to its absorption throughout the life cycle of the plant. BIO-BASED PACK is the logo of our bio-based materials.
100% recyclable and Food Grade!
Available in BIO-PE – Polyethylene, BIO-PP – Polypropylene and BIO-PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate.

How it is created

The difference with renewable plastics lies in how they are produced, a process that comes from sugar cane processing.

It’s green, and it’s certified!

We have been working for years with reliable suppliers to test and verify the performance of renewable plastics. The aim of our collaboration is to find the right bio-based material for every pack!
BIO-BASED PACK is available in: BIO-PE, BIO-PP and BIO-PET, all suitable for food contact.

How does it works?

Petroleum-derived plastics emit CO2 during the extraction process while renewable plastics emit heat and CO2 in a smaller percentage than the total amount of CO2 the plant absorbed from the atmosphere during his growth phase.

Sugar cane is processed by companies to obtain ethanol, which is then converted into ethylene.

The ethylene is then used to create polyethylene, the plastic used to produce our Bio-Based Packs!

After their use, these plastics are 100% recyclable!

Add the Bio-Based Pack or I'm Green logo in your marketing campaign assuring your customers that your product is truly organic!

Create your Bio-Based Pack with us!
Create and customise your new packaging selected from the MAV catalogue, every part of it will be bio-based: jar, closure and seal. We have a number of items already bio-based certified so don’t hesitate, start to create your BIO-BASED PACK and guarantee your customers an eco-friendly pack!


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full custom, from shape to color


The performance of bio-plastics has already been tested on several of our catalogue items, if you want to know more read the FAQ. Choose Bio-Based Pack, together we will create the most suitable packaging for your product.
What does it means Bio-Based?

To define a bio-based material, tests and measurements are carried out to determine how much of the carbon in a product defined as bio-based actually comes from biomass and not from oil.

The bio-based percentage represents the amount of carbon of plant origin present in the product.

Why is it not 100% Bio-Based?

Depending on the type of plastic (PE/PET/PP), different percentages of bio-based can be achieved, but never 100%.

100% cannot be achieved because there are also non-plant-based carbons from naturally occurring contaminants in all plants and reagents involved in polymerisation processes.

What is the purpose of the I'M GREEN™ or BIO-BASED PACK! logo?

These logos can be placed on packaging graphics or in your promotional brochures. It is an opportunity for you to assure your customers that your product packaging is truly bio-based and therefore derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane.

Communicating your eco-friendly choice to your customers increases your brand authority and strengthens your product because it is now proven: consumers tend to reward products and companies that choose to reduce their environmental impact and that organise themselves to ensure waste and pollution reduction.

End of life: how to dispose of it?

This pack can be disposed of in the appropriate plastic recycling bins, as it is 100% recyclable.

Bio-Based LCA

Once disposed of, bio-based packaging can follow two paths. If the packaging is fed into a recycling process, the trapped CO2 will remain. If, on the other hand, the bio-based product is incinerated, a part of the CO2 will be returned to the environment by combustion, as it was absorbed by the plant in the growth phase, thus leaving the CO2 balance in the environment essentially unchanged.

Which articles can be Bio-Based?

All articles in our catalogue in HDPE/LD, PET or PP can be made from the same materials derived from plant origin, in particular sugar cane. The performance of bio-plastics has already been tested on several of our catalogue items and they are ready to use.

Choose an eco-friendly pack, as a company we support the use of bio-plastics by contributing financially to the necessary certification of our customers’ bio-based products.

Are you interested in our Bio-Based Pack?
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