Sustainability    Sustainability: the watchword at MAV

Sustainability: the watchword at MAV

Nowadays, sustainability cannot just be a flag to be waved but needs concrete actions that follow up on words and intentions. It is a production cycle strong intent that reflect the life of the company.

MAV can count on two compactors that allow the processing of cardboard and plastic, with the main focus on the latter; 100% of the waste – a great result – is collected, subdivided by type to facilitate recycling and re-introduced into the supply chain to avoid waste and scrap.

MAV also takes great care with the use of pallets, which are essential for transport and storage throughout the logistics department.

MAV has also been using the PRS Pooling system for over fifteen years: a virtuous circle that supplies pallets and then collects them once they have been used, repairing them if damaged and feeding them back into the system. The whole system, in this way, manages to save 400,000 trees a year, about 1,000 a day.

Sustainability is experienced across the board as there are several collection islands within the plant to allow for the best possible differentiation of paper, plastic and undifferentiated waste with dedicated containers for use by employees and visitors.

As a producer of primary packaging, MAV is very familiar with the recovery and recycling cycles and is comfortable in a leading role as the first link in the production chain.

At MAV, development is only sustainable.