Sustainable Packaging    How can I dispose of Bio-based?
Bio-based packaging

How can I dispose of Bio-based?

At the end of the use of the product, the users can dispose of this packaging in the appropriate plastic recycling containers.

Subsequently, if the packaging is inserted in a recycling process, the trapped CO2 will remain. Otherwise, if the bio-based product is incinerated, some CO2 will return to the environment by combustion, the way it was absorbed by the growing plant, leaving the CO2 balance in the environment essentially unchanged.

The main difference is that plastic derived from renewable sources reduce the level of CO2 in the environment throughout the growth of the plant and any incineration of the product after consumption wold close this gap, thus maintaining an environmentally sustainable supply chain.

In the case of plastics of fossil origin, the increase of CO2 released into the atmosphere occurs both during the petrochemical extraction phase, which is necessary for the production of the plastic, and during incineration, where the CO2 content is added to that already produced.