A world of shapes and colours

Since 1965, plastic packaging.
Entirely Made in Italy.

Jars, bottles and closures for beauty, food and parapharmaceutical industry. All our materials are Food Grade and realised with first choice certified plastic material

Plastic jars and bottles

01/ Design

Design Team at your disposal: complete and exclusive service of entirely personalised design of jar, bottles and closures.

02/ Moulding

We produce your packaging: moulding of traditional, recycled and bio-based plastic, all of first certified choice.

03/ Printing

Complete personalisation with silk-screen, hot foil and tampo-pad printing. Many finishes available to distinguish your brand.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Try our eco-friendly materials: they have the same technical characteristics of pure materials. We guarantee an excellent transparency level thanks to the low amount of impurities.

You can choose between 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastics REPLASTIC in R-PET, R-PP, R-PEHD, or the renewable bio plastics derived from sugar cane processing BIO-BASED PACK! in PET, PP, PELD, PEHD.
A wide range of jars and bottles made in Eco-Design: compact, ultra-light and thin lines that save 25% of plastic compared to our traditional solutions.

think sustainable!


Many have already selected us, small start-ups, medium-sized and large companies.

Care of the detail

We are perfectionists: every piece produced is refined in every little detail. The artisan essence is the heart of our industry.

Controlled supply chain

The 98% of our suppliers is Italian, the remaining 2% is French and German: this geographical proximity allows us to always have under control the safety of the supply chain.

Zero waste

Guaranteed production: the quantities we deliver you are real, 100% usable thanks to high control standards tested on an already technically innovative production line.

1° certified choice

Plastics we use are first certified choice, in accordance with the strictest regulations applicable worldwide.

Best Seller products selected from our standard catalogue with short delivery times. Our proposal for small projects, start-ups or production runs of up to 5000 pieces.

Punto Pack and MAV together since 2021. Two production sites, one single realtity to be your packaging. Puntopack is specialized in the parapharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sector with pill boxes, droppers, bottles and flow pack service.

1. Pick up the model and the capacity

We have an extended catalogue of exclusive lines for every need.

2. Pick up a lid

The lid accentuates, emphatizes or softens the packaging shape, do not underestimate it!

3. Pick up the colours

Infinite possibilities of shades, opaque or semi-transparent, and glossy and frosted finishes.

4. Apply your decoration

Make your product unique with a personalised artwork, give power to your brand with multiple finishing effects.

Featured News

New products, news, curiosities and technical detailed studies on pack and material for a conscious selection.